What our clients say   

"When I started Pilates my knees where so bad that I couldn’t kneel down in church. I no longer have any problem kneeling. The next thing I noticed was although I didn’t lose any weight I needed to have all my jackets taken in. It really keeps me flexible which is really important as you get older. My ability to bounce back from other activities is so much better too. Before Pilates when I would sail all weekend I would feel like a truck had hit me on Monday. But with Pilates I’m not sore and tired like I used to be”. Mary Maloof
After three years of weekly Pilates training, I can honestly say that it has made a tremendous change in my life. Prior to this, I had suffered with low back pain for many years secondary to injuries sustained during a serious motor vehicle accident, as well as, those from sports and biking. Pilates has provided extensive muscle retraining and stretching that far exceed any I received during post-hospital rehabilitation as a result of multiple fractures to my lower extremities. Pelvic instability had appeared due to the changes in gait that occurred over time as my body compensated for the decreases in joint mobility. The natural progression of thoracic muscle shortening and spinal curvatures had formed more rapidly, leading to an increased thoracic spine kyphotic curve. This had also affected the mobility of my shoulder joints. My ribcage had also become immobile as a result.

With matt, reformer, and tower training, I am able to stand with a much improved posture, my pelvic pain is essentially gone and general strength has vastly improved. Tower training has been crucial in upper body mobility and strengthening.

As a physician, I see many injuries that occur due to decreased joint range of motion, i.e. rotator cuff tears. I truly feel that the natural progression of aging postural changes in the thoracic and pelvic areas can be greatly halted and improved with proper Pilates exercises over time. Dr. Carolyn Webber
“I thought I would never be able to do this with my arthritis (Rheumatoid Arthritis), but Tess has been very patient and knowledgeable in helping me with the moves and more difficult exercises. My flexibility has definitely improved and I have more range of motion in my joints. Even though I have a hip replacement and have had to have shoulder surgery because of the arthritis I can still do this. Also, you work against your own body weight so it’s customized to your body”. Estelia Mesimer
After 10 years of chronic lower back pain. I’ve tried multiple Chiropractors, Neurologist, Acupuncture, drugs etc. nothing resolved my pain. My pain started as soon as I got out of bed. I have been doing Pilates now for over a year and have been pain free since probably a month after starting. My golf game has improved knocking off 8-10 strokes on my handicap. My golf buddies tell me my swing is more relaxed and smoother and I hit the ball farther. Ray Zasoski
"As an active athlete and woman nearing 60,  fitness remains important to me and my husband.  Pilates has given me a way of regaining strength, flexibility, and comfort as I “live” the lifestyle I desire.  Pilates gives me more confidence, has sculptured my body, and provided me increased competitiveness in the sports I enjoy.
Tess has been a most efficient teacher providing the balance of enjoyment and development. She motivates me while remaining challenging, which is exactly what I need.  I suspect she can tailor her talents and training to each participant regardless of Pilates experience and levels of fitness.  She remains encouraging in building my desire to build my body by improving my techniques and results from the session.
Having more flexibility and greater fitness is why I support the instructors at Pilates Premier Studios a thumbs up.  They are providing me with the personal skills to improve both my flexibility and my core strength; all which provides me more energy and self esteem. Pilates has been fantastic to me in many ways. Thank you Tess  for your studio and your remarkable work ethic which as so inspired and  encouraged me."
Patti Gabri.
“Tess Whelan’s method of Pilates conditioning has for almost 6 years offered me just about everything I need to help keep this 65 year old body of mine in reasonable shape…flexibility, core strengthening, endurance, and balance, as well as improved posture. Tess seems equally at ease working with not only older students, but children as young as 10 years of age. Considering the fact that I recently had both of my knees replaced (old timers disesase), I would not be anywhere near as mobile on my feet without the Pilates Method of Body Conditioning!!! Karl Fryer Math Instructor, St. Petersburg College.
"Marked Improvements in posture, strength, and balance have been reported by many of my patients participating in Pilates; including those suffering from Parkinson disease, Multiple Sclerosis, and Stroke". Daniel Bell M.D. Board Certified Neurologist.
"The BEST Pilates anywhere! I have been taking Pilates from Tess and her team for several years. I am now more flexible and am free of my chronic back, neck and shoulder pain! In addition, my fitness level is the best it has ever been. I go on biking vacations with my family, biking 40 plus miles a day with no problem and power walk several miles a day while at home. The professional, courteous, fun- natured team Tess has compiled is truly unique. And her equipment is far beyond the quality of any I have seen in such a studio". Sara Williams, Esq